Richard Makes a Platter

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The platter making process starts with selecting stock. For a 14" platter that mean stock that is 12" wide. I purchace most of my stock at Vienna Hardwoods. There is a nice selection of wood at this store and I can usualy select from 5 or 6 species of 12" wide boards. Of course a wider board can yeild a wider platter. But a 14" platter is a nice size and I enjow making 14" platters. The thickness of the selected board can be 4/4 to 8/4. For platters I generaly use 4/4 stock and it is often S2S. For this particular example the stock is 5/4 S2S. I tend to look for plain wood for platters. The design, the feature stips and perhaps some rim decoration. If I am getting the board cut to fit in my car I will have the board cut in multiples of 2" longer than it is wide plus an inch. So for 12" wide boards that would be a cut at 15", 29", 43" or 57". For a 14" wide board that would be 17", 33" or 49".