Phil Brown

Design was inspired by the work of Bob Stocksdale, a renowned but deceased turner from Berkeley, California. This natural edge design corresponded well with the necessity to turn the piece thin in one turning session and dry it in less than two months. Once dry, the slightly oval base was sanded flat so that the bowl would not rock. The bowl is finished with a durable water-based lacquer so that it can be used and washed, if necessary, with a non-abrasive soap and cloth.

I am pleased to have an opportunity to turn a bowl from a tree with historical significance. Due to its relative small size, I was surprised that the branch from which this bowl is turned is about one-third of the treeís age. Before cutting the half log that I was given, I counted 80 growth rings. The small space between rings indicates that the branch grew quite slowly compared to other ash trees I have experienced.

Phil Brown, May 11, 2004

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